Quidax Community Guidelines

This community is made up of professionals and volunteers from around the world who perform different functions like coding, organizing events, working groups, etc.

Members of Quidax developer community must abide by the code of conduct online, and also at physical events organized by Quidax.

The moderators of Quidax developer community will work to ensure that participation and engagement in projects and the community as a whole is free from harassment and without bias based on age, body type, disability, race or ethnicity, gender identity and expression, experience, nationality, sexual identity or orientation & religion.

To ensure that only respectful interactions and activities take place at all times, our community has established the following values:

  • We welcome and support people from different backgrounds.
  • The language within the community must be friendly & inclusive.
  • Differences & disagreements may arise from collaboration between people and teams. This should never be an excuse for rude behavior. All viewpoints and opinions must be respected.
  • The community’s needs come first.
  • Members must be open to constructive criticism. It should be a clear, direct and honest feedback with helpful suggestions.
  • Efforts must be made to resolve differences peacefully. Contributions will come from different experiences and opinions. When in disagreement, members should try to understand other viewpoints first, and share theirs respectfully.
  • Empathy towards other participants at all times. Members should always understand another person's thoughts and feelings in a situation from their point of view.

The following are examples of improper conduct that is not tolerated but not limited to:

  • Disrespectful jokes, offensive comments and rude remarks.
  • Harassment of another member.
  • Sharing of sexual or violent content. Also, using sexualized language or seeking attention or making approaches of same.
  • Publishing personal information of others without permission eg: physical or electronic address.
  • Any other behavior that can be considered inappropriate in a professional setting.