Deposit Transaction Confirmation

This event is dispatched whenever an authenticated user's wallet has an incoming transaction coming from the blockchain.

  "event": "deposit.transaction.confirmation",
  "data": {
    "id": "birch5mm",
    "type": "coin_address",
    "currency": "trx",
    "amount": "1.0",
    "fee": "0.0",
    "txid": "036dc5da61f321a77e8454bdee3acf45bf3fda909395bd00d6daf5950d9a5f34",
    "status": "submitted",
    "reason": null,
    "created_at": "2021-11-16T21:05:22.000Z",
    "done_at": null,
    "wallet": {
      "id": "j5lzsrz7",
      "currency": "trx",
      "balance": "9.3134710029",
      "locked": "0.0",
      "staked": "0.0",
      "converted_balance": "570.263829507567",
      "reference_currency": "ngn",
      "is_crypto": true,
      "created_at": "2021-04-09T09:48:14.000Z",
      "updated_at": "2021-11-16T21:01:23.000Z",
      "deposit_address": "TZCDWPRaoMay6GSJpbv6yEk2Nn7nE11XwX",
      "destination_tag": null
    "user": {
      "id": "23azi7bj",
      "sn": "QDXXIRPXXKS",
      "email": "[email protected]",
      "reference": null,
      "first_name": "Oye",
      "last_name": "Olalekan",
      "display_name": "appstate",
      "created_at": "2021-04-09T09:48:14.000Z",
      "updated_at": "2021-04-09T10:54:32.000Z"
    "payment_transaction": {
      "status": "unconfirmed",
      "confirmations": 0,
      "required_confirmations": 17
    "payment_address": {
      "id": "efcficfj",
      "reference": null,
      "currency": "trx",
      "address": "TZCDWPRaoMay6GSJpbv6yEk2Nn7nE11XwX",
      "destination_tag": null,
      "total_payments": "21.82077",
      "created_at": "2021-04-09T09:49:59.000Z",
      "updated_at": "2021-04-09T09:50:02.000Z"
eventThe webhook event action that triggered the webhook, e.g. WALLETS.UPDATED.String
dataAll information related to this specific webhook.Object
data.idThe id attribute of the deposit transaction.String
data.typeThis can be either be coin_address or internal.String
data.currencyThis is the ticker sign of the cryptoString
data.amountThe deposit amount that is being moved.String
data.feeTransaction fee charged by the network.String
data.txIdTransaction id from the blockchain.String
data.statusTransaction status this could be either submitted or confirmed.String
data.reasonTransaction note.String
data.created_atThe date the transaction was submitted.String
data.done_atThe data the transaction was confirmed.String.
data.walletAll information related to the wallet of which this transaction is being carried out.Object
data.wallet.idThe id of the receiving wallet.String
data.wallet.currencyThe currency of the receiving wallet.String
data.wallet.balanceThe current balance of the receiving wallet.String
data.wallet.lockedThe current balance that currently in transit to be transferredString
data.wallet.stackedThe current balance that is stacked.String
data.wallet.converted_balanceThe converted balance of wallet to the reference currencyString
data.wallet.reference_currencyThe current reference currency of the walletString
data.wallet.is_cryptoIdentifies if the current wallet is crypto or fiat.Bool
data.wallet.created_atThe date the wallet was initially createdString
data.wallet.updated_atThe data the wallet was updatedString
data.wallet.deposit_addressThe address at which the user can accept depositString
data.userAll information related to the user of which this transaction is being carried out.Object
data.user.idThe receivers user idString
data.user.snThe receivers serial numberString
data.user.emailThe receivers email addressString
data.user.referenceThe receivers tagString
data.user.first_nameThe receivers first nameString
data.user.last_nameThe receivers last nameString
data.user.display_nameThe receivers username or display nameString
data.user.created_atThe date at which the user was created.String
data.user.updated_atThe date at which the user attributes where updated.String
data.payment_transactionThe payment transaction objectObject
data.payment_transaction.statusThe current status of the transaction, confirmed or unconfirmed.
data.payment_transaction.confirmationsThe number of times the transaction has been confirmed by the blockchain.String
data.payment_transaction.required_confirmationsThe number of times the transaction has to be confirmed before being marked as successful transaction.String
data.payment_addressThe payment address objectObject
data.payment_address.idThe id of the payment address.String
data.payment_address.currencyThe currency of the walletString
data.payment_address.addressThe deposit address of the crypto currency.String
data.payment_address.total_paymentsThe total balance of the walletString
data.payment_address.created_atThe date the wallet was created.String
data.payment_address.updated_atThe date the wallet was updated.String