Getting Started


The Quidax Developer API makes it easy to build full-featured cryptocurrency apps or services for yourself and your customers.

With simple integrations to Quidax’s product ecosystem using our APIs, you can carry out cryptocurrency transactions and workflows such as:

  • Generating cryptocurrency wallets and addresses for yourself or your users.

  • Receiving and sending cryptocurrencies to and from your wallets.

  • Buying and selling cryptocurrencies with and for your local fiat currency.

  • Instant crypto payouts.

  • Real-time crypto-fiat market prices, conversion rates, and quotations.

This API Reference is organized around these core business workflows, with comprehensive guides to help you start working with Quidax as quickly as possible.

Our APIs follow the general patterns of REST with predictable resource-oriented URLs, JSON-encoded request bodies and responses, as well as standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs.

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